Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tonight's teaser is from my WIP "Entitled" (working title). Hope you enjoy ;-)

This investigation had been going on too long. They had no real suspects and the killer was getting bolder in his actions. Kaylea was getting frustrated and her colleagues were getting the brunt of it. In this job of hers, it was dog eat dog and she had to prove that she was good enough to play with the big boys. Catching this killer would be just the proof she needed, but he wasn’t making it easy.
Sure his actions were getting bolder but his methods were all over the map. He didn’t appear to have any MO, Motive of Opportunity, which was slowing down the process of catching him. Four kills so far, that the state of New Mexico knew of anyway. It was time to do some serious digging.
Back in The Academy she’d learned that every serial killer had an MO, a type, a special weapon and vehicle of choice. She was almost ready to throw that knowledge out the window with this case because it didn’t seem to be a s black and white. She really wanted to catch this guy before he killed again but knew, deep down, that it was pretty fucking unlikely. She’d been pulled in after the third kill and she’d hoped she would have learned something about him, his motives and the way his mind worked. Now, she was just hoping that she caught him before too many more died.
“All right, everyone, let’s allow the ME to do their jobs so that we can get some information to go on. Not much else we can do here,” Kaylea said on a sigh as she moved to her Navy Blue Sedan.
She got behind the wheel and took a deep breath. She closed her eyes and leaned her head against the headrest of the seat. Her mind was going a hundred miles a minute and she knew that if she didn’t get back to the precinct and talk with the local police chief soon, it would be much tougher to get what she needed from him. It was time to lay down some ground rules and get some cooperation going on both fronts. She needed all of the files that the APD --- Albuquerque Police Department --- had on this case. She needed to get more information.
She watched as the ME --- Medical Examiner --- took the body’s temperature and looked over the wounds, wondering what the body would be able to tell them. She stuck the key in the ignition and turned the engine over. She decided it was best to go on to the local precinct and start the inevitable argument with the police chief. She was sure she’d have a fight on her hands about getting the files she needed.

© DJ Shaw

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